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PANIC is your clever mobile button to deter immediate threats, while informing your predefined contacts that you are in trouble.  You will also be visible to any Public Service Providers who are able to assist you.


ACCIDENT is designed to make a fender-bender easier to capture for your insurance, police affidavit or panel beater. Ensuring accuracy for all parties involved, a PDF can be downloaded, saved and even emailed. 





AMBULANCE provides you with immediate access to emergency medical services.  While waiting for the team to arrive at your exact location, there is helpful advice to aid you in your current situation.



FIRE is a very scary situation, especially when you do not know what to do. You will find tips on how to put the fire out, or to keep it under control, until the Fire Department arrives to assist you.



Once your contact has given their consent to be tracked, the advantages are:

Child safety tracking:  

... makes it possible for parents to know where their children are at all times. Periodical signals are sent out on the phone’s current location to a central server via the mobile network. By clicking on the tracking feature parents can view their child’s current location and feel content on their whereabouts. This might be especially important if they are in a potentially dangerous location. 

Colleague and friend tracking:  

... allows you to know where friends, colleagues and family are, especially if they are in need of yours or emergency assistance, or are merely lost.  

Employee tracking:

... will assist in having a record of unauthorised stops, possible break-downs, theft or even accidents.  Insurance premiums could be less, due to positive track records of drivers. Customer satisfaction could improve, as you could give more accurate arrivals times.  Reducing telephone/cellphone accounts, as you would not have to call to ask where they are.



Animal Abuse - Assault/Spousal Abuse - Burglary - Hijacking - Murder - Other - Reckless Driving - Robbery (armed) - Robbery (unarmed) - Suspicious Loitering - Suspicious Vehicle - Traffic Accident - Trespassing - Vehicle Theft

ADD alerts


You can ADD an Alert so that others may see it immediately - using an adequate and complete description, as well as a photo and the location. Info will be automatically captured on the website.

VIEW alerts


You can VIEW an Alert that others have posted - they would have posted a photo and a description, explaining the situation as well as where it is, as the location will show on the map, with a pin location.


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The Services section of the App is very exciting to both the Customer and the Service Provider!
​It will become your one-stop for information.
You can easily swipe through the lists, picking the category you require and 'click, you have it!'
You can choose your Provider according to Star Ratings, or After-hour Services, or purely alphabetically.
Service provider:
You can easily sign up with us, for free* and have your details available to all our Customers.
You can choose to offer After-hour Services, or advertise your office hours.
You will be rated by the Customers, as to the quality of service YOU provide!  The higher the Star Rating, the higher up on the list of Providers, you will move.  The more stars, the better!
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